Jeffrey C. Marck _ _Cairo, Egypt
Bringing the world's most productive  breadfruit from
Samoa to Africa

Arab Adult ADHD
Moffitt et al.  2015 NZ 38 yr adult ADHD study
+20-1068-407-394 (Egypt)

CLIVAR VACS African Climate Atlas

Global Breadfruit Photo

BA African Economic Anthropology, U. Iowa
MA MalayoPolynesian Prehistory,U. Iowa
MA Pacific Islands Linguistics, U. Hawai'i
PhD Polynesian Language & Culture History
The Institute of Advanced Studies
Australian National U.

A Bit of the World's Economic History Well Worth Knowing


Phosphorused Palestinian Family 20190322 Facebook
Palestinian Family Phosphorized by Government of Israel: from Facebook 2019/03/22
Come ON you Yanks at home... WHAT are you DOING about your government's complicity?

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