Jeffrey C. Marck _ _Cairo, Egypt
Bringing the world's most productive  breadfruit from
Samoa to Africa

Arab Adult ADHD
Moffitt et al.  2015 NZ 38 yr adult ADHD study
+20-1068-407-394 (Egypt)
Box 96 Remaya 12572 Egypt

CLIVAR VACS African Climate Atlas

Global Breadfruit Photo

BA African Economic Anthropology, U. Iowa
MA MalayoPolynesian Prehistory,U. Iowa
MA Pacific Islands Linguistics, U. Hawai'i
PhD Polynesian Language & Culture History
The Institute of Advanced Studies
Australian National U.

A Bit of the World's Economic History Well Worth Knowing


Phosphorused Palestinian Family 20190322 Facebook
Palestinian Family Phosphorized by Government of Israel: from Facebook 2019/03/22
Come ON you Yanks at home... WHAT are you DOING about your government's complicity?

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